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What is the general definition of a “Fleet”?

A group of five or more vehicles that are under common ownership and that are used for business, commercial or public purposes.

When an account is Fleet rated as opposed to individually rated, the claims experience of the entire fleet is taken into account as opposed to each individual claim being assigned to an individual vehicle. In some cases, there can be a slight premium benefit.

Many large fleets are insured on a blanket basis. All of the vehicles owned by the insured at the inception of the policy are rated to determine the advance premium. No changes are reported during the term. At the expiration of the policy, all changes are reported and any adjustments are done at that time. The benefit is of this method is that you are automatically covered for all vehicles purchased during the term avoiding the chance that a vehicle goes un-insured because you forgot to notify the insurer.

When insuring vehicles on a fleet it is important to advise the insurer of any changes or modifications to a vehicle i.e. truck caps, racking, attached machinery etc. If this is not noted, the insurer will base a claim settlement on the basic vehicle only.

Many commercial vehicles have attached machinery that is not in use during the actual operation of the vehicle. The vehicle is used mainly as a means of transporting the equipment to the job site. The operation of equipment such as a crane, a welder, or steam-cleaning apparatus present exposures that are different from those arising from the use or operation of an automobile. The insurer therefore attaches an Excluding Attached Machinery form which excludes liability arising from the operation of such equipment. Coverage for that liability is provided under the Commercial General Liability policy (Business Liability)

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