Life and Disability Insurance Coverage for Businesses

While running a business, there are many instances where the presence of a well-planned policy can help you eliminate tensions in the future and chart a well thought out business plan. Some of the main areas where Business Life Insurance is useful are to fund buy-sell agreements, insurance for key personnel and to provide insurance coverage to protect the debt payments.

Business Continuity

You can finance your business continuity with Business Life Insurance. It will help you stabilize and improve the value of your business. A business continuation plan or buy – sell agreement can be financed by Business Life Insurance to ensure that your business does not fall into the wrong hands. Creditors will also take note that your enterprise presents a credit worthy risk profile.

Key Man Business Life Insurance

Businesses are built around people. Their presence and absence can make a huge difference. If you have key personnel who pulls in a lot of business and whose presence is a vital factor for your business’s success, you should consider Key Man Business Life Insurance. Key Man Business Life Insurance helps protect your business. It provides you with the capital needed to find, hire and train a new employee to replace the key man.

Disability insurance can be an additional advantage to businesses in attracting and maintaining good personnel. Some policies specifically tailored for professionals can be designed to cover business overhead expenses in the event of disability.

Life and Disability Insurance should be part of your business plan. Talk to our local experts about the coverage that's right for you!

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