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Cargo Insurance covers you worldwide

The world economy keeps expanding and the volume of cargo shipments expands accordingly – even the smallest businesses rely on importing and exporting goods internationally or shipping goods domestically.

Cargo coverage protects all types of merchandise while in transit from one destination to another. The purpose is to provide the insured party with reimbursement should the cargo not arrive safely to its destination.

Cargo insurance policies can apply to air, marine, or land shipments and cover an extensive list of products. The price of cargo insurance depends on the type of cargo being shipped, the origin and destination, method of transport and packing.

There are various types of cargo coverage available;

  • Open Cover Policies: Provides coverage for a stated dollar value and/or stated period of time.
  • Specific (Voyage) Policy: insures a specific shipment
  • Contingent Cargo Policy: Acts as a secondary insurance for situations when the primary insurance fails. For example, as an exporter you may ship cargo to your client who agrees to accept responsibility for the goods upon arrival. For whatever reason, he refuses delivery or the cargo may be damaged during shipment, causing him to disclaim liability. A contingent policy will pay for these types of losses.

Cargo insurance is an indispensable part of shipping cargo. It is highly recommended that all owners of cargo purchase insurance before moving their shipments.

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