Critical Illness Insurance allows you to focus on recovery, not financial survival.

Critical illness coverage provides protection against a variety of specific illnesses or conditions. A critical illness can happen to anyone, and it does happen to many.

Canadians are more likely to experience a critical illness than they are to die before the age of 75. If you become ill, your focus should be on recovery and regaining your health.

Critical illness insurance pays a lump sum benefit following the diagnosis of one of the covered illnesses. It offers you choices and allows you to recover on your own terms.

Your benefit could allow you to:

  • avoid withdrawing money from an RRSP or other savings or investments
  • pay down debts such as your mortgage or loans
  • choose medicine and treatments not covered by group, personal or government plans
  • replace lost income so you have choices – for instance, your partner can take time off work to help you
  • maintain your business by hiring a person to run it until you return to work

Utter Morris works with a variety of Insurance companies offering this vital coverage and can “shop the market” to provide the coverage that best matches your needs.

Critical illness insurance makes a lot of sense as part of your insurance plan. One call is all it takes to get the right policy for you...

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