User Based Insurance – Travelers IntelliDrive App

At Utter Morris, we had the opportunity to test out the Travelers IntelliDrive beta app! We were able to experience how the app functions, monitor our own driving habits and now have even more knowledge to talk with you about the program.

Firstly, what is the Travelers IntelliDrive app?

IntelliDrive is a 90-day program that uses a smartphone app to monitor your driving performance. Safe driving habits can lead to savings of up to 30%, while riskier driving habits may result in a higher premium. The app shows you your driving performance, gives you a breakdown of each trip you take and provides tips on driver safety.

What is measured by the app?

Time of Day – When you drive can be as important as how you drive. If possible, avoid driving late at night and very early morning, as these are the highest risk times to drive.

Speed – High speeds give you less time to react to the hazards around you. Keep your speed in check by paying close attention to your speedometer.

Acceleration – Rapid acceleration, or speeding up suddenly, adds extra wear and tear on your vehicle and can indicate aggressive driving. Allow smoother starts by going easy on the gas.

Hard Braking – Hard braking, or coming to an abrupt stop, can be an indicator of following too closely. Avoid following too closely to better anticipate what other drivers are doing around you.

Distraction – Interacting with your phone while driving takes your attention off the road and is very dangerous. Avoid making calls, texting, and any other physical interactions with your phone while driving.

Our team decided to run a contest to see who would save the most on their car insurance. This would not only test the app, but it would help our employees have a better understanding of what we would be recommending to our customers. After 90 days of using the Travelers IntelliDrive app, here is what we found:

Most of our staff’s driving performance are categorized as GREAT or EXCELLENT. That is good news! This means some of our staff received a 20-25% discount, and our winner was very close to receiving a discount of 25%+!

Our staff were able to give us some feedback. Here is what they said:
“I felt it was positive feedback to see my driving habits.”
“I wanted to have a great score so I felt like I became more aware of my driving habits and made some positive changes.”

If you are interested in learning more about the Travelers IntelliDrive app, connect with us today. Our staff dedicated 90 days to testing this app so that we could ensure that our clients have all the information they need to get started.