At the present time and for the foreseeable future our office will be operating from 9-5 with minimal staff on premises, available by appointment only.  While we recognize the challenges which you may face in not having our physical office open to the public, we do have all of our employees working from home, and are available to answer questions, make policy changes, quote and sell policies, and process and assist in claims. We can be reached as usual at 905-332 -7877. Please see the link below for a list of staff extensions.  We are also happy to take payments by telephone, or other options are outlined below.
For a complete staff contact list please see
For emergency claims please see
PINK SLIPS (Automobile insurance)
– if you need a copy of a liability slip please email your name and policy number to and we will have one sent.
Several options are available.
– Pay the company directly on line by either on-line banking or credit card call if you need assistance.
– E transfer to Utter Morris – contact your broker for instructions.
– Drop off a cheque to our office. There is a drop box at the front of the door to the bottom right of the door.
              ** Please DO NOT leave Cash or other negotiables in our mailbox.If you haven’t called into the office in recent years, please do. We take great pleasure in speaking with our clients. At the very least we can get to know you better and make sure the coverage we are providing, best matches your unique situation.Some of the common questions we are getting include:How can we manage costs at this difficult time?
-ask us to check the rating on your vehicles – if you are working at home, we can rate pleasure use rather than commute
-for multi vehicle families, let us know if one car is not being used it may be possible to suspend coverage for a period of time.What if I am having trouble paying a bill?
-call or email and we will do our best to help – most companies are offering flexibility to help people at this difficult time.

I am now working from home – does this affect my house insurance?
-no, regular office work from home is covered.

What if I am picking up supplies for neighbors/
-no this does not affect your coverage, unless done for profit – Uber or Skip the dishes for example.

From our business customers:

We have had inquiries about lost income due to business shut downs – typically this is not covered by insurance policies, which are designed to respond to physical damage resulting in the shut down of the business

Coverage while shut down – policies typically include 30 day coverage for vacancy, meaning losses are excluded if the shutdown extends beyond that. However insurers are likely to be more flexible with restrictions in this case – please contact us to let us know your particular situation.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.